How to get a new phone…

When living in a foreign country, everything can become an adventure.

1. Get a friend to come along and provide translation.

2. Have two other friends join. Anything can become a party.

3. Wait for the most helpful person in the store.

4. Pick out the iPhone

5. Spend a long time talking about different issues that come with trying to pay as a foreigner.

6. Take a trip to the ATM while having friends stay behind and negotiate a free case and screen protector because of the trouble.

7. Get distracted by other things as he continues to work on the contract.

8. Play a “game” that involves putting things into a bag in order to pass the time. I now have all kinds of bubble bath packets and shower sponges. I don’t know what they have to do with cell phones… I didn’t ask.

My bubble bath packets and selfie stick.
9. Have him continue to feel bad for the delay, and give me a selfie stick. I can now officially become a danger to society.

10. Have two friends ask if they also can have selfie sticks and have them play with them in the store. (FYI: you can get pinched by a selfie stick if you put your finger too close to the bendy part.)

11. Watch this unbelievably patient man try not to laugh at us. (Teachers on a Thursday at the end of the school year. We were a little loopy at this point.)

12. Finally have all of the paperwork come through. Sign. Pay.

13. Have him walk us to the door before we could do any more damage. (or ask for any more selfie sticks.)

14. Successfully walk out of the store with a new iPhone.

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