My Time in Ghana

I didn’t really want to post so many pictures about my trip. As people have continued to ask for pictures, this is my compromise. A blog post full of pictures. Somehow it feels less overwhelming than posting everything directly to Facebook. The trip and the experiences were happy and exciting but also personal. The world doesn’t need to see most of it.

I feel like I should have been nervous to make this trip. I finally was able to see David after over a year apart. I was meeting his family. It was my first time anywhere in Africa. So much was going to be new. I did recognize it was a really big step, but in no way was I nervous about going.

I was a little nervous when I was stopped in Shanghai because my itinerary showed me arriving in Accra and my visa showed I was allowed to travel to Ghana. Eventually I got translation and was able to explain Accra is the capital of Ghana.

I arrived without problems. I had 12 days filled with new experiences. Though many things were different than I even knew to expect, it was so clearly a trip planned by God. Here is just a small window into my time there.

Boarding the plane in Shanghai was the moment that it finally hit what I was doing.
The Red Dirt. Such a striking part of the landscape.
Tired but happy. Our first proof that we had made it to the same country again.
The Atlantic Ocean.
Proof David can drive.
Kakum National Park Canopy Walk. There were parts that were 40 meters up in the air. The views were stunning.
David and his brothers took me around and let me see different parts of Ghana.
A cacao tree. This is where chocolate comes from.
We survived the walk. (Don’t worry. It was high but it was safe.)
Next we visited Cape Coast Castle. This was one of the centers of slave trade.
The cannonball was heavier than it looked. David may have been able to pick it up with one hand. I needed both.
The tour guide was excellent. He gave dignity to the lives of the men and women who were held in these rooms to be sold as slaves.
Stopping at the top of the castle to look down the Cape Coast beach.
Cape Coast
Walking through the Arts Center to get souveniers before I went.
I found a dress.
I’ve had so many people tell me I would really like Ruth. I’m glad they were right.
He grew! I did not remember there being quite so much of a height difference between us.
One last picture before I left. I’m planning on it not being too long before I end up back there.

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