Moving: Five Weeks Out

A theme throughout my writing has been moving. It isn’t a topic that I particularly enjoy, but it has been a reality of my life for the last decade or more. So though not always enjoyable, it is something consistently taking center stage in my life. Here is a little glimpse of what my life looks like five weeks before I make the move from Japan back to Minnesota. 
For months now, my preparations have been mostly logistical. As in, aside from buying a plane ticket and throwing away all kinds of useless items I have been keeping in my apartment, I have mostly been making lists. The list of offices I need to visit and accounts to close, the list of things to be given away or sold, the list of activities I want to do one more time, and so many more. I am still holding off on packing because I live in a one room apartment. I do not want to live for one month with suitcases taking up half of my living space for an entire month.
Recently, the master calendar has gone up onto my wall. When the calendar goes up, things start to feel much more real. It means the amount I have to complete has exceeded my brain’s capability to retain the information. Even having it centrally located, I still am bound to do certain tasks twice while neglecting others completely.
Five weeks out, this transition simultaneously feels impossibly far away and terrifyingly close. As much I am trying to remind myself my time in Japan is almost at an end, the reality has yet to sink in. I know it is coming. The most challenging emotional factor has been the not knowing what my future holds. I know I am moving back to Minnesota, beyond that everything is unclear. I am starting to have glimmers of hope and catching pieces of dreams. Mostly, I am stepping back into a wide open field of uncertainty. I am choosing to rest in the knowledge that no matter how uncertain my plan is, I serve a God who is unchanging and all knowing. Nothing about my future will surprise him.
My hope is to give a weekly update on the process of moving. This hopefully will accomplish two purposes. One, it will lower the number of people who are surprised as to what continent I am on. Two, it will help me stay focused on what really matters. I hopefully will be more mindful of what I am doing and how I am doing and be more able to keep focused on my relationship with Christ and with those around me as I say goodbye. 
I am sure my emotions with intensify as I get closer to my departure date. Tears will become more frequent. I’ve come to accept this as a part of transition and moving. Even with the tears and the emotions, I will seek to enjoy my remaining time here in Japan.

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