Moving: Four Weeks Out

The goodbyes have begun…the packing has not.

Last Friday, I visited for the final time the school which was so much a part of my life for two years. I said goodbye to the building and to people. I closed the door on what could have been.


It was a quiet goodbye. I walked to the train station and left just as I had hundreds of times before, but this time I wouldn’t be coming back. I could leave with contented sadness. Even though it is hard to say goodbye, I leaving in God’s timing.

This week kicks of the goodbye dinners. This means good food, smiles, laughter, and the knowledge that I will not see many of these people again. Bittersweet. I’m sad to say goodbye, but also happy for the sweet memories made in these last weeks.


On the practical and logistical side of things. I am finally at a point that I need to start the organizing and packing process. The suitcases and boxes are coming out this weekend. It is time to face reality, even if it means living with suitcases in the middle of my living area for a couple of weeks. It feels like a small job considering I have a one room apartment. Realistically, it will take me a lot longer than I want it to take.

I still have been at peace through this entire process. There is heavy sadness when I think of leaving. There is also excitement when I start to anticipate what is next. Mostly, I have felt an overwhelming peace. I am praying this continues through the duration of my move.

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