Moving: Three Weeks Out 

Thoughts going through my head.

1. Wow! Time is going fast.

2. How do I have so many socks with holes in them and pens that don’t write? (It did make it easy to throw them away)

3. Do cookies and chocolate count as a meal?

4. I’m pretty sure these posts will continue to get shorter as my departure date approaches.

I started packing this weekend. Packing is really boring. I found myself sitting in the middle of my floor with all of my clothes spread around me. I got overwhelmed, so I left my apartment for a few hours and finished when I got back.

I have made progress, but I know I have a long way to go. Soon, I need to start getting rid of all of my bigger items and furniture.

Emotionally, I’m at the point where everything makes me cry. Cute puppies. Babies. Sunsets. Inspirational Quotes. I keep telling myself it is only temporary. Once I move, I will regain a little composure. Still, I am filled with peace. I am busy with transition, but I have not been anxious or truly overwhelmed.

Overall, I’m starting to get excited about returning to Minnesota. I am getting ideas about my next steps. My family is waiting for me there. It will be a really good move. For now, I will keep breathing and packing. Somehow everything will get done in the next 21 days.

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