Moving: Two Weeks Out

Or the week that we determine that I am crazy…


This is how I felt about packing on Saturday. 

In the last week I have…

…had a goodbye dinner at work. 

…finished my last two days with the kids…

(For those of you wondering, I made it to the final five minutes of the day and then started crying. Which just meant I was given a massive group hug and they stared saying really sweet things to me. Which made it all better…okay, it made me cry more) 

…and have almost entirely packed my apartment because…

I’m currently at the airport for a quick trip to Korea. 

AND when I get back my mom will be here to spend a few days with me before I leave Japan. 

So the next two weeks will be busy and happy. (Okay…there will be tears, also) 

One thought on “Moving: Two Weeks Out

  1. Loved your update! Short, sweet, and fun pics! So thankful that you had healthy closure with your students and co-workers! So wonderful to have others affirm the contribution you’ve made! Also excited that your mom is going to Japan! Enjoy your time together! Looking forward to seeing you when you return stateside!


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