Moving: One Week Out

I made it to Seoul and back again. It was a strange and beautiful intersection of seeing friends from many different seasons of life. 

Before I touched down back in Osaka, my mom arrived at my apartment. (Thank you, Komei for helping us!) 

So we walked around Osaka before heading to Church. 

Monday we packed all of my suitcases. And I finished up my final few hours at the preschool where I was working. 

Now, one last touring whirlwind until she leaves on Friday morning. 

I’m growing increasingly concerned that I have completely forgotten something very important. I probably have. The world will probably keep turning even if I never remember.

My calendar has April 6 marked off as “Rest, Sleep, You Survived” 

6 more days…and a lot to pack in. But somehow I will be on that plane. 

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