Moving: Two months later

“I moved” Almost two months later, the excuse is very old to me.

I never finished that book…because I moved.

I forgot to respond to that email…because I moved.

I couldn’t find my brush, or those shoes, or my coat…because I moved and hadn’t wanted to unpack that suitcase. 

I wasn’t running as regularly (even though the race date was approaching)….because I moved. 

I haven’t been writing as much…because I moved. 

I moved. It happened. It is in the past. Except, it isn’t. The adjusting and settling are only beginning.

I moved. Across the world. Just me and my suitcases.

I moved and my life flipped into chaos. “I moved” is maybe not so much of an excuse as it is just a part of my reality right now. Maybe I need a little more room for grace for myself. Reality is parts of life have slipped through the cracks AND I have accomplished quite a bit.

In the last two months…

I finished up teaching.

Took a trip to Korea.

Toured around Japan with my mom.

Moved out of my apartment.

Paid taxes. Ended my phone contract. Terminated my residency in Japan.

Flew across the world.IMG_3531.jpg

Got a job.

Bought a car.

Unpacked a good chunk of my stuff.

Gone to the routine doctors appointments I had previously avoided.

Spent hours trying to find all the places I needed to change my address.

Started going to counseling.

Ran a half marathon. IMG_2689

Reconnected with old friends.


And I’m trying to find time to breathe and let the dust settle.

I moved and I still don’t really have a clear plan for what is next. Somedays this is overwhelming. Other days it is exciting. And sometimes it means I stay in my pajamas all day, don’t leave the house and eat ice cream for dinner. IMG_3737.jpg

It takes time simply to get the logistics in place. Time to reestablish friendships. Time to re-learn how everything works…like self-checkout lanes at the store. Time to feel a little less foreign or different.

I’m happy. I’m moving forward. This season won’t last forever and I’m going to be okay.

9 thoughts on “Moving: Two months later

  1. Wow, I think you’ve accomplished an amazing amount in two months! I hope you and others give you lots of grace and kindness in these days! Thank you for sharing your experience with Velvet Ashes today.


    1. I’m happy technology has allowed a way for me to be able to share some of this journey with family spread far and wide. Thank you for always reading and commenting.


  2. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your journey. The thing I struggle most with is giving myself grace in the unknown, the push to get things done and miss what God has for me in the moment. It sounds like you are on a good journey of appreciating.


    1. Grace for ourselves during transition and uncertainty is hard. I’m much better with giving grace to others. And still on the journey learning how to live in the present and not always pushing forward. I know you are in the middle of transition yourself. I pray you are able to find that grace for yourself as you are in an unsettled time.


  3. Emily I’m so sad that you’re gone, but I’m glad that new chapter has started. It sounds super busy but so eventful, and I appreciate the updates on your life. God has something awesome for you next and I know it! You are meant to show His glory no matter where you are and what you are doing! God bless you! p.s. icecream for dinner is the best.


    1. I’m sad we had such a short time that we overlapped at New Hope. Maybe someday I’ll be back to visit. God has been faithful. He has plans for me and for you as well. I can’t wait to see how things develop for you as you go back to Osaka.


  4. Emily, I love how you listed the things that you didn’t get done or haven’t gotten to yet (because of the move) but countered them with all that you HAVE done – so often we’re so focused on what seems to be falling to the wayside and forget all the things that AREN’T falling….
    oh, and I can so totally relate to that unpacked suitcase!


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