A New Challenge

I took #15secondsaday in September to be #DistractedByBeauty. September is over and the challenge is complete. October is here and so is a new daily challenge


Last year I followed a couple blogs by people who took the #write31days challenge. Pick a topic and write for 31 days in October—It sounded like something fun to try.  I tucked the idea away since I had eight or nine months until October would role around again. Then I found myself in the middle of September and it was time to make a real decision. I was up for the challenge, but needed a topic.

I wanted a light or happy topic. I thought about “rest.” Really, I was trying to find something easy.

Back in January, I picked my #oneword365. The word “receive” had been circling around my mind for several months. I was tired and worn out. I knew I had nothing more to give. The word “receive” has been an invitation for me this year — an invitation to rest. To heal. To grow.

This year still feels selfish to me. If I could have chosen any word, I would have picked “persevere” or “give” or “courage.” I wanted words that took action on my part. I wanted a word that required my output. Instead, I got a word that requires the input of others. 

I’ve learned I’m much better at giving than I am at receiving. Yet in order for there to be a sustainable outpouring, there also needs to be consistent input.

Receiving has had to become a discipline for me. I have received rest and health and joy. I have been learning to receive so that I may be able to give from abundance and not from lack or scarcity.

I am resting in the knowledge that I have been created in the image of God. I am loved and I am enough.

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