Day Five: Receive Health

Day Five.jpg

Shortly after returning to Minnesota, I went to the doctor for a general wellness visit. At the end, she told me I was very healthy for my age. I had given her some of my background, and even she was perplexed.

Only a year before that visit, I was far from healthy. My resting heart rate had doubled. My breathing was shallow and labored. My hair was falling out in clumps. I ran a low grade fever for about 9 months. I was losing weight and had no appetite. I was experiencing daily headaches, blurry vision, and dizzy spells. Stress was literally killing me.

Yet, my body shows no signs of permanent damage. It will take me a while to regain the energy levels I had before. I need to continue to rest, exercise, and eat well. The only other piece I need for full recovery is time. God protected me and my health longterm. I have no other explanation.

In the last year, I was given my health back. I had the strength and endurance to run a half marathon. I have been able to work. I’ve been able to go about my day without fighting headaches and dizziness.

I have been so thankful for my body and what it can do. I’m thankful for health and energy. I’m thankful for God who protected my body even when I didn’t.

Because with health came freedom. I have been free to focus on other areas of life and not spend so much energy on taking care of myself. There may be a season again where my health is gone, I will trust God through that as well.

Today, though, I am healthy. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but for now I will enjoy the gift of health that I have been given.

2 thoughts on “Day Five: Receive Health

  1. This is an encouraging testimony! Praise God that He preserved your health even in all that stress–and that now you can appreciate and benefit from that gift. I’m challenged by your perspective, most of all. Someone could go through what you have and then credit herself for health restoration through exercise, etc. But you’re right to give glory to God, and that’s awesome. 🙂


    1. Malia, I am so thankful. And I love that you’ve been with me through my recovery process…even being first countries apart and now continents. Having others walk along side me has been a huge encouragement.


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