Day Eight: Receive Laughter

There are different kinds of laughter. Sometimes laughter is mean or at the expense of others…this is not the laughter I’m referring to today. There is also laughter as an alternative to crying. This can be a helpful coping mechanism when it is one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days, but it still is not the laughter I want to talk about.

I’ve been intentional about watching funny YouTube videos. I’ve watched comedy and TV shows to get me laughing. Getting healthy and processing is hard work, and it needs to be balanced by laughter. 

Receive Laughter.jpgThe gift I received was even one step better. I’ve been able to laugh with people. I’ve been able to laugh from pure joy. While I was in Guatemala, I sent this picture in response to a question about how my heart was doing and how I was feeling. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, my face says it all. We made it through the ABCs (in Spanish, so as much of a challenge for me as for him) and smiles and laughter just came. In that picture, my face matches my inside. Happy and overflowing with joy. 

I sat again, last night, with friends. We were able to catch up and hear stories from the last couple years. Most importantly, we were able to laugh. We were able to simply enjoy each other’s company.

It has been within the last two months that I have been able to laugh easily. I have been able to authentically laugh as an overflow of joy. I didn’t fully realize how much I had missed this, until I had gotten laughter back in my life.

Not all days are laughing kinds of days, but days with laughter are becoming more and more frequent. 

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