Day Twelve: Receive Beauty

Day Twelve.jpg

This picture came at the end of a really hard day. I was already emotional when I had to drive across the city in torrential rain. As I got close to home, the rain staimg_5034rted to let up. This rainbow was so close I felt like I could reach out my car window and touch it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen colors quite so vivid in a rainbow before. As soon as I could, I pulled off the highway and into a parking lot. A picture could never capture the magnificence of that sky. Still, it serves as a stunning reminder of the beauty of creation. img_3511

I sat in my car and watched this rainbow for as long as it stayed in the sky. I took deep breaths and and found enjoyment in something beautiful. It didn’t take away the emotion of the day. It did bring life into that moment. Hope started to take deeper root. img_3894

I’ve seen beauty all around me. I’ve been able to stop and enjoy it. I’ve been able to remember how amazing God’s creation is. Focusing on the good helps take a little bit of the sting out of some hard events. img_3928

It is easy to find beauty when you are looking for it. I have received beauty in large doses, sometimes even without looking for it. God put views in my path in a way that made it hard to miss. I try to take pictures when I can. It gives me something to look back and remember all the ways I’ve been surprised by beauty all around me.


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