Day Nineteen: Receive Reminders

Day 19.jpg

These last weeks (and months) of writing both here on my blog and privately have served as reminders about how much I have changed. The things that were hard a few months ago  are not as hard now. I’ve moved to new levels of harder things. The healing is moving forward. I can see progress.

I am no longer afraid all the time.

I’m not as tired any more.

I’ve gotten more comfortable with a new job and am being given more responsibility.

I have much more fun and joy and hope.

I have a desire to work with kids again…not quite to be in a classroom, but that desire is returning.

I haven’t had any full panic attacks in MONTHS…as opposed to every couple of days.

I’m generally happy.

I’m able to start thinking about the future.

I write this down to serve as reminders. There are days where I feel like I will never get better. Those are the days where I need to look back and see how far I’ve come. I keep the reminders of God’s faithfulness in front of me, because I so easily forget.

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