Day Twenty Two: Receive Abundantly

Over the last several months, I have been given everything I need in abundance. I haven’t just been giving only what I need to keep surviving. I have so much more. Day 22.jpg

I wanted to stop having regular panic attacks. I was given freedom from anxiety.

I wanted to be able to work. I was given a job I really enjoy.

I have several friends who I know I can trust with my heart. One would have been enough but I was given more.

I wanted counseling to make the hurt stop. I have been receiving healing and wholeness in some of the most deeply broken places.

I wanted to be useful again. God gave me the opportunity to help coordinate fellowship and connection for hundreds of women.

The list could  keep going. I keep asking God for things and he keeps giving to me. Abundantly. He has given me more than I even thought to ask for. He isn’t giving me the minimum. He isn’t giving good thing to me with conditions or expectations.

He has given me good gifts out of his boundless resources and deep love.


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