Day Twenty Six: Receive Wonder

I got to spend the day with a pretty adorable toddler today. I started to think about how Day 26.jpgmany different things were exciting to her.

Puppies. Crayons and coloring. Blocks. Play dough. Music. Cheese. Books. Puddles. Kittens. Rocks. Worms. Applesauce.

She could not stop laughing at the falling leaves. The wind would blow. The leaves would fall and she would laugh. It was so much fun for both of us.

She is still at an age where curiosity and wonder are uninhibited. She is learning at an astounding rate. The way God designed the mind to absorb so much at that age is just incredible.

There is something so refreshing to see the uninhibited wonder of a child. There is something to be learned from them.

I’m not advocating laughing every time a leaf falls or the dog sneezes. That would be more exhausting than wonder producing. Maybe the lesson is more about stopping and noticing. It could be about taking time to follow the questions that are exciting or intriguing. It could be about setting aside inhibitions and learning from whatever is put in front of us.

I don’t know if I could say I completely received a renewed sense of wonder, but I’m getting there. I’m gaining excitement and curiosity back and some days having playtime with toddlers can help.


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