Changes Ahead

I started 2016 still living in Japan. I had made the decision to move back home to Minnesota for an indefinite time period. I knew I couldn’t put a timeframe on getting healthy. It could be months. It could be years.

I came back to Minnesota and began putting my life back together. On my side, it was a blind stumble through the dark. I was determined to get healthy. My process was to put one foot in front of the other and do the next best thing, but God had a plan and knew exactly what He was doing.

March 2016 – I feel like just went through all of my stuff an packed. Now I get to do it again!

I spent September #distractedbybeauty. This came at a hard point in my recovery. It was emotional and painful. I practiced finding the good and beautiful even when it wasn’t my natural response.

I spent all of October telling the story of my recovery. Writing through my journey was a part of the healing.

Early November, I was reflecting back on how much had changed. I only had a few hours of course work remaining before I could renew my teaching license. In counseling, I experienced a shift from reprocessing the past and could begin to think about the future. My desire to return to teaching was continuing to grow.

All of my pieces were starting to fall into place, then the final piece came as I was searching Facebook. I still can not explain how I ended up where I did, but I came across a job opportunity in Accra, Ghana. 5 months. Second Grade. Starting in January.

August 2015 – My last visit to Accra.

The posting was over a month old. I decided to write and ask if the position was still open. In my mind there would be hundreds of people who would be jumping at the chance to move overseas for a semester…with about two months warning. To my amazement and growing excitement, the position was still open.

I spend much of November applying, interviewing, finishing my license renewal process, and trying not to get too excited before anything was official.

Earlier this week, I signed the contract. Yesterday, I mailed in all the paperwork for my visa. Assuming all the logistics continue smoothly, I’ll be leaving in early January.

It will be about nine weeks from the time I first heard about the job to my departure date. Right now my plan is to go for five months. The position I have accepted is for one semester in a second grade classroom at the American International School in Accra.

More than a little excited to know I will be capable of running the distance between us (as opposed to the 6,000 miles we have now)

At the end of that time, I will return to Minnesota. There is a potential for me to move to Ghana more permanently, but right now I can only take things as I have this entire year. I will move forward one step at a time.
I am excited. I am also at peace. This was something I wanted, something I hoped for. It was also something I never expected to happen so soon. It has been unexpected and also the most natural next step for me. 

I wish I could tell more of the story and explain the many ways I have seen God answer my question, put pieces in place, and prove He is faithful. That part of the story can come later. Right now, I need to pack and prepare for whatever 2017 has in store for me.




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