First Semester: Success!

NOTE: I wrote this post about three months ago and got distracted before publishing. In more recent news, My time in Ghana is extending beyond 5 months. I’m currently back in Minnesota for a few weeks. I’m enjoying the rest and time with family. I am also excited about returning to Ghana next month.

Anyone who has transitioned or lived abroad knows the first months in a new place are definitely still in the honeymoon phase. Everything is new and exciting. I know that is the stage I’m in now. Some of these feelings about where I live will diminish or change. This is okay and normal.

Right now, though, I’m in the stage of everything is new and exciting. I’ll let that excitement carry me as far as I can as I make this new place my home.

This is my Saturday morning view. I have been taking full advantage of this pool. I am also taking full advantage of living close to the equator, where swimming outdoors in January is an acceptable activity. (Sorry, Minnesota. You are just too cold)  

I have sixteen active and energetic second graders in my class. I am tired by the end of the day, but I wouldn’t trade any of their unique and endearing personalities.

These are the days I wish I new science stuff better. (And I’m sure if I did, I wouldn’t be calling it “science stuff”) I’m pretty sure this was a flying ant nest. It looked cool. It was also nowhere near my house. If it were, I’m sure I would have other feelings.

I missed him. Being able to do normal life things in the same country has been fun.

I also missed teaching and that includes the planning aspect. I find so much joy in crafting good lessons, setting goals, and planning out weeks and units.

I am looking forward to what this semester in Ghana will bring.

4 thoughts on “First Semester: Success!

  1. Hi Emily,

    I found your blog through Velvet Ashes, and then I realized that I recognize that classroom and those kids! I taught that group when they were in 1st Grade! I hope you enjoyed them 🙂 I also enjoyed your thoughts about connecting over at Velvet Ashes. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Aren’t they a special group! I’m pretty sure I was called Ms. Belcher at least once a week. They remember you and miss you still. I’m glad you found me through Velvet Ashes. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts on that platform as well.


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