Finding My Feet

I recently compared returning from Ghana to the sensation of trying to stand up and walk after both of your feet have fallen asleep. Though I was met with a blank stare, I still stand by my analogy.  I have a tendency to sit in ways which cause my feet to fall asleep. (I blame … More Finding My Feet

My Time in Ghana

I didn’t really want to post so many pictures about my trip. As people have continued to ask for pictures, this is my compromise. A blog post full of pictures. Somehow it feels less overwhelming than posting everything directly to Facebook. The trip and the experiences were happy and exciting but also personal. The world … More My Time in Ghana

I Gave Up

Everything in me wants to write a more lighthearted post on how I stay sane. The insanity brought on by the end of the school year is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. I have been grading essays while monitoring teenagers whose minds are already on summer vacation but who still … More I Gave Up

Honoring Courage

Being vulnerable doesn’t come naturally. Exposing your heart to others is scary. Risking rejection and judgment from others takes courage. I have asked my students to write personal essays. They wrote them with the knowledge that they would be reading them to the class. It would not be private, yet many chose to expose their … More Honoring Courage