My Time in Ghana

I didn’t really want to post so many pictures about my trip. As people have continued to ask for pictures, this is my compromise. A blog post full of pictures. Somehow it feels less overwhelming than posting everything directly to Facebook. The trip and the experiences were happy and exciting but also personal. The world … More My Time in Ghana

So Many Bugs

I am coming to have a new appreciation of bugs. I know that there are more technical terms, but in my mind “bugs” is good enough. Over the last month I have helped catch, make homes for, or release back into the wild bugs of all kinds: including roly polies, dragonflies, ants, beetles, praying mantises, … More So Many Bugs

Embrace the Chaos

If I have learned one thing since I started teaching, it is this. Middle School never goes as planned. It just doesn’t. It can’t. It never will. Never. In light of this information I have two choices: continue to try to make them all conform to my way of doing things and end up pulling … More Embrace the Chaos