I’m blogging every day through the month of October. Below are links to all of the posts I’ve written on the theme “Receive” my story of healing and restoration throughout this year.

A New Challenge

Day Two: Receive Rest

Day Three: Receive Hope

Day Four: Receive Friendship

Day Five: Receive Health

Day Six: Receive Security

Day Seven: Receive Help

Day Eight: Receive Laughter

Day Nine: Receive Work

Day Ten: Receive Endurance

Day Eleven: Receive Release

Day Twelve: Receive Beauty

Day Thirteen: Receive Beauty (part two)

Day Fourteen: Receive Forgiveness

Day Fifteen: Receive Freedom

Day Sixteen: Receive Trust

Day Seventeen: Receive Deliverance

Day Eighteen: Receive Patience

Day Nineteen: Receive Reminders

Day Twenty: Receive Power

Day Twenty One: Receive What I Ask For

Day Twenty Two: Receive Abundantly

Day Twenty Three: Receive Vision 

Day Twenty Four: Receive Confidence

Day Twenty Five: Receive Happiness

Day Twenty Six: Receive Wonder

Day Twenty Seven: Receive Goodness

Day Twenty Eight: Receive Wholeness

Day Twenty Nine: Receive Reconciliation